Workshop on Wireless Motion Capture and Fine-Scale Localization

This workshop will host researchers and engineers interested in the emerging technologies and applications for wireless motion capture and fine-scale wireless localization. Workshop presentations will explore technical issues relevant to new wireless motion capture techniques, fine-scale localization, SAR-based RFID localization, robotic interrogation of RFID, radar and Doppler-based classifications, drones and vehicles.

Topics Include

Wireless Motion Capture Systems 
Fine-scale Localization Applications
Tracking Applications
SAR and Radar-based Techniques
Drones and Vehicles
Hardware Demonstrations Welcome
Gesture Recognition
RFID-based Positioning
Doppler-Based Techniques
RFID and Robotics
RF/mm-Wave Imaging
Hybrid Localization Techniques

Types of Submissions:  

Papers (3-8 pages, peer-reviewed, submissions due 25 January 2021)
Abstracts (half-page, lightly reviewed)
Panel Discussions Tutorials

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Important Dates

Paper Submission:  January 25th, 2021 February 1st, 2021
Acceptance: March 15th, 2021
Final Paper Submission: April 5th, 2021
Conference: April 27-29th, 2021


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